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Hi. My name is David Crisp. I never wanted to be just a butcher. I always wanted to be something better. In fact, the best!  And I think with the help of my family and a number of others, I’ve achieved that.

When Wendy and I opened Seaview Meats on Monday  22nd  February 1988, at the same location we trade at now, the idea of creating Auckland’s first truly gourmet butchery became a reality. As good as we thought were then, we’re a lot better now ! You learn a lot in 29 years.

Over time, our range grew and our knowledge of the best suppliers grew with it. We tested this and tried that. Successful businesses grow like carefully nurtured animals. Our enthusiasm to be the best underpinned everything we did.

Today we co-own the business with our two sons Jarat and Tim. With the rest of the team, we’ve grown both a company and a culture known around the Auckland area that selects, presents and celebrates the finest in food.

Our vision has always been to share this passion for excellence in food and service. We wanted to bring you the best food and service Auckland and the world has to offer. We’ve taken our passion for quality beyond the shop frontage too, serving many barbeques and delivering into homes far and near.

Our food choices are staggering! Locally grown organic chicken, prime beef aged on premise, freshly hand-made sausages and  homemade gourmet pies, a collection of condiments, a menu of exotic game meats and a gourmet-to-go section are the hallmarks Seaview Meats.

Our sausage menu has many classic recipes and some you won’t find anywhere else.

When you visit or contact us with an order, question or inquiry, you’ll know the difference immediately; you can’t disguise passion! And why should you?

Tradition’s an important thing to us here at Seaview Butchers. Old-fashioned principles like careful maturing, generous cuts and a warm welcome are what makes our meat so special and our service so different. In fact, they‘re even the reason behind the Seaview name.

The blue and white butcher’s apron has been worn for hundreds of years, and historically a broad blue stripe has always been the mark of a master butcher. The men who wore it earned their reputations through years of hard work, and we’re proud to carry on their skills today.

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Recipes for   Autumn

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The start of    Summer  brings with it some consolations. If you enjoy the warmth of fine food and great company, watch out for our
new   recipes, made from the healthiest meat available in New Zealand.
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