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Our Promise

Seaview Meats stands behind its products and service.

We will:

1. Supply you with the best product on offer
2. Cut and pack your order with the utmost care and detail
3. Deliver it in the time frame required
4. Do whatever we need to do to ensure your satisfaction
5. We offer a money back  , no questions asked 

If there is any aspect of our products or service you are unhappy with, we appreciate being told. Please contact me personally.

David P. Crisp
Head Master Butcher


Seaview Meats guarantees that your meet will arrive at your door as if you had just purchased at our shop.

As soon as your order is cut, it will be vacuum packed to ensure total freshness, no discolouration or bacterial contamination.

There are a couple of points to note when opening your vacuum pack:
  • The meat may appear slightly darker in colour
  • Have initially have a slight odour
These factors are due to a lack of oxygen.

Remove the meat from the packet and leave to stand for 5 minutes for the odour to dissipate entirely. Quality and flavour are unaffected.

Each packet will clearly state the product name and  packed on date. Please adhere to this if you are going to store refrigerated.

If you wish to freeze the product, its life will be extended from 6 months to up to 1 year, provided it remains vacuum packed. It will also eliminate freezer burn and retain its quality and freshness.

Should the seal on the vacuum pack be faulty or appear to be damaged, we would suggest the meat is NOT consumed and that you contact us immediately.

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Recipes for   Autumn

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The start of    Summer  brings with it some consolations. If you enjoy the warmth of fine food and great company, watch out for our
new   recipes, made from the healthiest meat available in New Zealand.
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