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sold out for 2017

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3.5 kg to 4 kg.  @     $55.00 kilo.   SPECIAL EARLY BIRD  PRICE

We stock or are able to source:
  • NZ RED DEER - Denver leg steaks , leg  roasts,  lean mince and  " Wild Red "  gourmet sausages
  • WILD RABBITS - whole  only, we can joint them for you.
  • GOAT   -   fresh every week , all cuts   
  •  WILD HARE   -  whole / jointed
  •  RANGIORA  TURKEYS  - south island turkeys  , breast and  rolled turkeys , seasoned  apple and cranberry rolls
  • ENGLISH PHEASANT - grade one whole bird
  • AFRICAN GUINEA FOWL - whole bird 
  • WILD BOAR  -  sausages , mince, casserole meat, roast leg
  • POUSSINS - whole
  • PEKIN DUCKS - free ranging  whole ducks , breast,  duck fat  and whole legs from Gameford lodge.
  • SPATCHCOCK- packs of 8
  • KANGAROO - mini- rumps,  trimmed .
  • OSTRICH     -   mini  roast,  schnitzel , mince  and steaks
  • GOOSE   -     whole birds only. we have  goose in store now 

We can also source    THAR   . order only,    min. amounts apply 
Send us your requests and we will supply your needs - JUST ASK!

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Recipes for Spring

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The start of  Spring  brings with it some consolations. If you enjoy the warmth of fine food and great company, watch out for our
new   recipes, made from the healthiest meat available in New Zealand.
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