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Free Range Pork

PORK STKS-small.jpgBecause we care about animal welfare and healthy meat, we sell only Freedom Farms Free Farmed  Pork.

Raised in the fresh and clean environment at the foot of the Southern Alps, their stress-free upbringing produces tender and flavorsome pork, with lower PH levels than those typical of meat from caged animals.

Defying New Zealand’s reputation for dry, flavorless pork, our free range pork has excellent marbling of fat through the meat, ensuring the pork remains moist and flavors are permeated during cooking. Succulent, tender and delicious!

We stock free farmed pork fillets,  spare ribs, mince , sausages , leg  roast, pork belly, chops, steaks, diced, schnitzels and pork racks.
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Recipes for   Autumn

Roast Pork Belly with Chinese 5 Spice2_small.jpg
The start of    Summer  brings with it some consolations. If you enjoy the warmth of fine food and great company, watch out for our
new   recipes, made from the healthiest meat available in New Zealand.
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