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Gourmet Sausages

FRONT_PAGE_SAUSAGE_1.jpgWe are specialists in GLUTEN FREE  gourmet sausages, using recipes that are 30  to 38 years old that contain exclusively New Zealand products with fresh herbs, spices and   free range / organic   eco farmed   meats.

Our sausages are 100% lean  meat, M.S.G. free. egg free, dairy-free, soy free and gluten-free.

We also make  Paleo Gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free,  and preservative-free sausages. Lamb , pork,  beef  and chicken.
These are frozen in packs of 4.

You need to try our range of long-time favourites which includes London Pride Pork, Seaview Specials and Country Beef, before venturing into: Toulouse Pork, American Italian with fennel and garlic, Jamies Pork with Sage and Onion, Wild Venison,  Fat Free  Rump Sausage,  Chicken, Herb and Garlic Chicken, Prada Pork, Lamb Mint and Rosemary  - to name a few 

Our latest creation is  Wild  Boar  sausages , they are fantastic, either 
B.B.Q. ,grill , pan fry or Wild Boar casserole.  

 Update, we have reached approximately, the total of    over  8,000,000  sausages  made in 30 years,  all by hand.
I thought it was time to update the sausage  menu , so here it is.

FREEDOM FARMS PORK  : 100% NZ pork , a family favourite  (  formerly  called  LONDON PRIDE PORK  )
TOULOUSE PORK  : country style pork, cracked pepper and fresh herbs ,  C'est une nouvelle merveilleuse!
PRADA PORK : coarse minced pork , cracked pepper and lots of fresh garlic
LUNA ROSSI  :   pork, garlic, pepper and salt
JAMIE'S PORK : pork , sage, onions, dried fruits, apples, a sweet sausage
FARMER BEEF :  a traditional  beef sausage
FARMER BEEF CHIPOLATA  :    breakfast  skinny 
SEAVIEW SPECIALS  : beef,  sweet coriander, tomato, garlic, onions and curry, WORLD FAMOUS  
LAMB , MINT AND ROSEMARY  : 100% NZ lamb, fresh mint and rosemary
GREEK LAMB and FETA   and spinach   
MOROCCAN LAMB  mild North African  sausage with sultanas  
TIMS  CHORIZO  BEEF :   a family secret recipe  , HOT
WILD RED VENISON : 100% wild deer , paprika, chilli and parsley   (seasonal )
WILD BOAR   : NZ  razorback   wild pig,  5 secret fresh herbs and red wine  ( The Capt. Cooker ) (seasonal)
CHICKEN :    pure chicken sausage
CHICKEN : HERB AND GARLIC  : chicken , herbs and a touch of  garlic
FARMERS BEEF SAUSAGE MEAT  :  ideal for meatloaf, sausage rolls , scotch eggs, etc. NITRATE FREE

We are doing some one off flavours at the moment also. 

TIM'S TEXAN DOUBLE SMOKE BEEF      100%  Angus Beef secret recipe ,   eh  Tim  !!!!   GF
TEQUILA, LIME  and CHICKEN     100%  organic chicken with peppers , chillies , herbs , tequila and limes   GF

CHICKEN,  WATER CHESTNUTS and  CRANBERRY      100%  organic Bostocks Chicken breast   GF

ROMANIAN  PORK    free range pork, garlic, chilli and paprika and caraway seeds  and coarse minced .  GF.

BEEF and MUSHROOM       Angus beef , fresh mushrooms and red wine    GF.

MOROCCAN LAMB      NZ  lamb , with a hint of North African spices and sultanas   GF.

GREEK LAMB with feta and spinach GF

SICILIAN  PORK          100% pork, fennel, pepper and garlic  ( NEW YORK ITALIAN   )    GF

TRUFFLE  and PARMESAN LAMB    100% NZ lamb , very tasty and  very different

TURKEY and DUCK  :          coming soon   !!!!

PALEO PORK             100%  NZ PORK SAUSAGE,    nothing but meat     

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Recipes for   Autumn

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The start of    Summer  brings with it some consolations. If you enjoy the warmth of fine food and great company, watch out for our
new   recipes, made from the healthiest meat available in New Zealand.
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